Weekly Sales on pool stuff!

One of our main goals when we started this page was to save you $$ by teaching you how to maintain your pool and to help you to stay out of the pool store.

I don’t have anything against the pool store. Our differences are just that we use a more simple and less expensive method.  I know people that maintain their pools using pool store advice and are overall pretty happy.   My issue is that every time I go there or my friends or clients go there they try to get you to buy so many unnecessary and very expensive products and things you just don’t need!!

One friend had a green swamp – every time he went to the pool store he said he would walk out with $200 less money in his pocket only to still have a green pool!

I really dislike hearing this and pool maintenance is really so simple!  So not only will we teach you how to maintain your pool but we will also help you save money!

This page will contain weekly bleach and liquid chlorine prices, and sales on other cool pool stuff like pumps, covers, automatic cleaners, test kits ect.

Check back here often!



Weekly Bleach and Chlorine prices:

Week of 5/20/2018– Kroger Kem Tek is currently our winner!  They have  liquid chlorine for 9.99 per case of 4 jugs.  If we find anyone who beats this price we will update.

Online Sales: 

We recommend these sites ONLY for products such as automatic cleaners, pool tests, nets, ect.  We DO NOT recommend any all in one chlorine tabs or any other unnecessary products to maintain your pool!  Liquid Chlorine/bleach, muriatic acid, borax can be purchased at your local hardware or grocery store.