We make house and Web calls!

We understand that certain situations require the need to hire a pool maintenance professional.

Regardless if it is a physical limitation, time constraints, going out of town ect.  If you live in the Cincinnati Ohio area, we are happy to help maintain your pool.   Check out how we helped this pool owner turn their green swamp into a sparkling oasis:


We have several pool maintenance packages to choose from.

45- 60 minute Consultation/In person or via the web – $49.00 flat fee.  Includes trouble shooting, advice on moving forward and a copy of The Cool Pool School Guide.  This is a great deal if you are trying to clear up a green pool!  Doesn’t matter where you live – a full detailed email will be provided to you based on your individual situation. Payment MUST be received in advance!

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Opening – Starting at 199.00.  Includes:  Taking off cover, hooking up your pump, testing chemicals, vacuum, scooping out debris and adjusting chemicals.   Can take up to 3 separate days.  Price could increase if pool is green or has algae growing, if pool cover needs water pumped off and debris removed, ect. 

Note: At this time we do not do pool repairs on pumps, liners, or any other major repairs. 

Pool Maintenance –  This includes checking of chemicals and making proper adjustments.  Pool owner must provide proper chemicals.  Vacuuming, and cleaning out skimmer baskets if needed.  Cleaning of filters or backwashing when needed.

Note – Owner MUST provide recommended chemicals.

Our daily rate is $30 or you can choose from any of the packages below.

  • Daily (check each morning) – 5 days, M-F (Sat and Sun) if needed: $350.00 per month
  • Weekly (3 times per week) $225 per month
  • Monthly (1 time per week) $99 per month –  recommended for pool owners who can do some maintenance on their own with our instruction.

All packages include a full guide to our Cool Pool School!  Our goal is to teach you all the ins and outs of pool ownership so that you can maintain your pool like a boss!!