Troubleshooting for your Salt Water Pool

There are many reasons that pool owners choose a salt water generator (SWG) to sanitize their pool.  The benefits of saltwater are many.  From less maintenance to benefits to the skin and hair.

However sometimes things can go wrong.  Your water all of sudden turns cloudy or you may even end up with algae.  Testing is still very important even for SWG pools!  If you aren’t testing, you will be in the dark regarding your free chlorine and other levels.  This happens a lot.  SWG pool owners believe things are good, water looks great, then all of a sudden water starts to turn cloudy and they are stumped.   Then off to the pool store they go and then back home after spending hundreds on things they may not need!

So 1st you MUST have a test kit.  This one by Taylor has everything you need.  It even comes with your salt test so you will know your exact levels. You will never have to drive water samples to the pool store again!!

9 times out of 10 cloudy water is caused from low or no chlorine in your pool.  The other possibilities are usually from problems with your filter….but in all of my experience, every – single – time – cloudy water is the result of chlorine being too low.

So we have to figure out what caused the FC (free chlorine) to drop.  There are a few possibilities:

1. Not enough CYA  and SWG can not keep up.  To know your CYA you need your test kit 🙂
2. You have algae – even if you can’t see it, it can still be there.  – again you need your test kit to troubleshoot and perform a combined chlorine test to see if things are growing.
3. There may be a problem with the SWG but, it is more likely to be the 1st two issues.

Shocking using your SWG is very difficult as you need to raise your chlorine quickly and SWG are not able to do this.  So you will need to add chlorine manually until your pool clears.  You can use your SWG to help maintain high levels of FC and then adjust once your pool is clear and your test results show there is nothing organic growing in your pool.

Again I can not stress the importance of testing your water.  SWG owners should test at least once per week!  That is where all troubleshooting begins. Regardless if you have a salt pool, or you use chlorine, you must test your water.  It is much more convenient and you have more control over how your pool runs.  You will spend more time enjoying your pool and less time running back and forth to the pool store!

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May 14, 2018

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