The Truth about All in One Chlorine Tablets

A friend called me last summer to help with her fathers pool.  You see, the water looked great but they were coming out with burning eyes and itching skin.  He couldn’t figure out the problem!

When I did my test I saw his chlorine levels were off the charts and so was his CYA.  He had been using pucks and did not test his water with the proper test kit.

To keep a perfectly balanced swimming pool you need to know not only WHAT chemicals  are going in but also HOW MUCH.  That is why the proper test kit is a MUST have!!

Problem is, when you use you all in one chlorine tabs you, not only are adding chlorine (which is great) but you are also adding CYA (stabilizer).


All in One Tabs 79.99 – YOWZERS!

CYA is needed to keep the sun from eating your chlorine up, however since CYA causes chlorine to lose its effectiveness, you only want CYA levels between 30-50ppm.Once CYA is in, it does not come out.   So what happens over time with the pucks is that CYA keeps increasing, pool water looks great and the homeowner thinks all is good.

One day water starts getting cloudy or skin is irritated and they can not figure out how to fix it.  Pool owner goes to the pool store and the pool store sells them more all in one products that only make it worse.  Unfortunately, depending on how high it is, the only way to fix it is to drain and start over!

Pool stores don’t seem to know much at all about CYA and what it does.  That is why they will continue to sell you more products that you don’t need and that will make your problems worse.

I am not sure why this is.  I researched this topic alone for hours and found a lot of helpful scientific information.  And its really just common sense.  Maintaining a pool is not rocket science!

Now if you already have pucks – no worries, you don’t have to throw them out.  The only time we will recommend them is ONLY if you are going on vacation or if your CYA level is at zero.

So there you have it!  The simple truth about all in one pucks.

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April 21, 2017

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