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New Pool Owner?  Start Here!

If you are a new pool owner and just landed on our page – Welcome!  Maybe your curious or maybe desperate for some help in maintaining your pool. Either way, we are happy you found us!!

Everything you will need to know about becoming at Boss at pool maintenance ownership is right here.

So please scroll all the way down, find the section you need and …. dive in (pun intended)!

#1 Rule for a  Smooth Pool Opening


OPEN EARLY! Did you know that algae will start growing once water temps reach 60 degrees?  I know in Ohio we can have temps in April and early May in the 80’s.  If you wait to open until late May you risk opening to a green pool.

Go ahead and start syphoning that water off your pool cover!

In our two years of opening we have opened to crystal clear waters 🙂

Pool Opening 2017 2

Picture above is opening April 16th 2017

I will do a separate blog post all about opening!



If there is one thing I could stress it is to get yourself a FAS-DPD test kit right away. Testing is easy.  If 15 and 16 year old lifeguards can do it – I promise, so can you!!

When you first open your pool, you will be testing about 3 times per day. Once chemicals are at proper levels – assuming there are no green monsters  growing in your pool, you will only need to test once per day.  YIPEE!!!

If you do not have a test kit and are not testing your own water you will have problems.  You can not just go off of how your pool water looks, nor can you rely on getting water tested once a week.  I can not tell you how often I meet families and they were surprised how quickly their pool turned green.  It happens overnight!!  Remember Rio Olympics 2016?  That was the result of Algae and a mistake with adding the wrong chemical. 

It’s not just about preventing a green pool.  Last summer a friend called me to help with a family members pool.  Everyone was coming out of the water with burning eyes and itchy skin but the water looked beautiful.  He was using test strips and couldn’t figure out the issue.  You see his CYA was through the roof, off the charts.  Which was causing him to use up an incredible amount of chlorine.  The CYA was high because he was using those pucks that they sell you .  That is why I will never recommend pucks – I’ll fill you in on those soon!

Also, how do you know if your water is sanitary?  Would you go to a public pool if you knew no one was testing the pool chemicals (and this does happen)?  If you knew there was no chlorine in the pool — would you still swim in that water?

Friends it’s no different with your private pool.  Pretty please with cherries on top test your water using the correct kit!!  It will give you peace of mind that your family and friends will be safe.

Daily Maintenance

We have given our daily maintenance routine an acronym called T.L.C

Step #1. T = Test – Perform your FAS-DPD test.

Step #2. L = Levels – Adjust your chemical levels.  From your test result and using the pool math calculator determine the amount of chlorine and or ph you need to reach recommended chemical levels.  You will adjust your chlorine based on CYA levels.                                                             

Step #3. C= Clean – Clean out your skimmer basket.  Empty it of any leaves or debris, toys, etc.    It is very important that this is done daily.  If your skimmer basket is full of stuff, it is not only hard on your filter but also will not filter at its best.  It takes a couple of minutes to do.   Check pool for leaves, sticks, etc.  Scoop them out with your net.

Vacuum once per week or more.  If you have an automatic vacuum, throw that guy in as needed. 

Done!  Easy Peasy.  It takes 10-20 minutes – you have peace of mind and a clean pool!




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