Products we Recommend

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Here is a list of products that we are familiar with and that we use to keep our pool sparkling all summer.

  1. We can’t stress enough the importance of a good test kit. 
    We recommend the Taylor K – 2006 Test kit .  There are others but this is  most budget friendly.  You need the one that is FAS and DPD.  Do not use test strips or cheap o test kit.  If you want to keep a cool pool you HAVE to use a recommended test kit.
    Here you can get replacement reagents r0870 and r0871
  2. Liquid Chlorine – we like the Kemtek brand and can normally get it at our local Kroger for around 2.50 a bottle.  And Get this – you can use plain old Clorox Bleach to chlorinate your pool!!
  3. Stabilizer – AKA Cyanuric Acid (CYA).  This product is very important!  You don’t want to open without it.  We get ours wherever it’s on sale.  Stabilizer
  4. Muriatic Acid – we get this home depot or lowes
  5. Borax – find it in the laundry section
  6. Pool Vacuum – we will talk about those is separate section as there are may to choose from.  We currently use a manual vacuum that hooks up to our pump.  It’s ok but I’d recommend an automatic over the one we have.  Here are just a few that pool owners love!
  7. Top Pick for vinyl above or inground pool – The Baracuda G3 Wo3000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner. Comes with 39′ of hose and has excellent reviews.

That’s It!  Notice you don’t need to step foot into the pool store and notice there are ZERO products that are an all in one.  We talk about this in out post about titled The Truth about All in One Tabs.

Recommended Swim Stuff

Here are a few products the parents often ask me out that we recommend.

Probably the most asked questions is what type of goggle should I get my child.  The Swimmple by TYR is by the far the favorite kids goggle.  They don’t leak, and word on the street is that they are very comfortable.   They are excellent for kids ages 3-10 and they come in fun colors!  Both of our kiddos only used these when they were young.

Here is a fun video on fitting.  This applies to adults as well 🙂  You can go to any swim specialty store to try on goggles. also offers this handy goggle buying guide.  The chart towards the bottom of the guide is worth the read!

For adults and older teens, many like the Speedo Vanquisher.  I would say it is one of the most popular.  Our son has had many pair of these and they are one of his favorites.

The TYR Velocity is also a favorite among competitive swimmers.

I personally wear the Women’s Speedo Vanquisher.

Let us know what works best for you!

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