Maintain your pool with ease with our NEW Cool Pool E-Guide!!

 Want to know how we keep our pool water crystal clear all summer long?  And how you can too?

The Cool Pool E-Guide

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a frustrated veteran pool owner sick of spending big bucks at the advice of the pool store, or you’re a new pool owner wanting to learn how to  maintain your pool on your own, this guide is for you!

The Cool Pool Guide will help you:

  • Save time and money by keeping you out of the pool store
  • Learn the ABC’s of pool chemistry so that you can test your own water with ease
  • Learn our daily maintenance routine called T.L.C.
  • Learn about basic household products that you can use instead of expensive products sold at the pool store.

I don’t know about you but I’m all for things that help me save time and money!  So if you’re maintaining your pool already and have never had any issues with keeping your pool water crystal clear than this guide may not be for you, however if you are willing to learn, and want to have pool water that looks like a sparkling oasis, then purchase your copy of The Cool Pool E-Guide Now!

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This guide is not for salt water pool owners.  A guide all about salt water pools is coming soon!








June 6, 2017

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