How to add CYA to your pool!

My friends must have thought I have fallen off my rocker when they saw me walking up to their pool with a pair of panty hose and pool noodle.  Imagine their faces when I told them it’s how I would add CYA to their pool.  1. They had no idea what CYA was and 2.They were losing faith in me fast!!

It was day 3 of helping them clear up their green swamp.  The swamp was still a swamp and here I am with my noodle, panty hose and of course my trusty test kit.

I think they were second guessing their decision to have me help them but they had already spent hundreds at the pool store with no improvement.  At this point they didn’t have much to lose so they let me do my thing.

Like my friends, you may be reading this and wondering the same things:  What is CYA and why does she need panty hose and a pool noodle to add it??

If you saw my post: The Truth about All in One Chlorine Tabs your already familiar with CYA or cyanuric acid.  It’s a term you’ll hear me talk about a lot.  It’s really important, as it helps keep chlorine in your pool, but too much CYA is not good either.  If you haven’t read that post, check it out – I explain CYA more in detail there.

Also make sure you test your CYA so you know how much to add!  You can test it with the kit we recommend – The Taylor K-2006 FAS-DPD .  Just follow the directions your test kit to record your reading.

Now onto the panty hose and pool noodle part.  You will first need to purchase CYA separately.  It is also called stabilizer or conditioner.  I get it at Walmart or Meijer in a 4 pound jug for around 16 bucks.  The directions will tell you it’s ok to put in your skimmer.  I advise against this because it is hard on your pump and filter.  While I am all for following directions – I have learned that we should follow directions from people that have actually gotten results, not those that keep our pools cloudy and green and keep taking our money!



CYA also known as Stabilizer or condition.  4 lbs at Meijer for $15.99


To add CYA you will determine the amount needed based your reading,  your pool size and the desired level you want to keep your CYA.  For example if I got a reading of 20 Parts Per Million(PPM) when I did my test but I wanted my CYA at 35 I would look at the back of the jug to see how much CYA would be need to raise it 15 PPM in my 24,000 gallon pool.

I would then dump that amount in the socks or panty hose, tie them together and hang them over a pool noodle.  If possible put it by your jet and then wring it out a few times a day.



Hang two socks or a pair of panty hose full of CYA over a pool noodle



Wring the sock or panty hose out a few times a day by your return jet.








Test your CYA again in about one week, that will give the CYA plenty of time to filter through.

Hope this helps!  Make sure you follow our blog – we don’t want you to miss anything.





May 17, 2017

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