How to add chemicals to your pool in 5 Easy steps!

If you’ve been reading our posts, you have been learning quite a bit!  Products we recommend, when to start opening your pool, and all about testing your pool water.  You may be thinking – Great, we buy all this stuff, test our water — then what!?!  How much of these chemicals do we put in and when?

If your like me and stink at math or chemistry this may seem overwhelming.  I promise it’s not hard at all.

Here’s is how to add chemicals to your pool in 5 steps!

Step #1. Do a Chlorine, CYA and PH test. Record your readings.  You’ll need the recommended test kit to perform your test.


Step#2.  Determine gallons of water you have in your pool.  There are pool gallon calculators out there – I found this one that was pretty user friendly – pool gallon calculator  Our oval AGP pool is 24,000 gallons.

Step #3 –  Add chlorine/bleach based on gallons of water, and 1st test reading.  There are also pool math chemical calculators available.  The one I have linked is the best I have found – not the most user friendly but hopefully you get the hang of it.  If your chlorine reading is at zero and you have no green, yellow or brown monsters you can go ahead and add the amount needed for your size pool.  If you are nervous about adding too much chlorine/bleach you can always start with a 1/4 of the jug or 1/2 the jug and test every hour or so to see where that gets your levels. DSC_5582

If you have monsters —- that is a separate post.  We will teach you how to become an algae buster too!!

There will be some trial and error.  For our 24,000 gallon pool, we usually use one gallon of chlorine per day to keep it at the desired level.  Remember chlorine is your very best friend!  Make sure you are careful when pouring.  I’m a little clumsy and have ruined a few of my favorite shirts.  Hubby is better at keeping it from splashing then I am.  Keep safety goggles and gloves handy.

Step #4 – Start adding CYA.   CYA is a bit different because you can not get it out of your water once it is in unless you drain.  So you really want to be careful with how much you add.  Which is why we will never recommend all in one pucks for your regular maintenance.

To add CYA you will want to put it in a sock.  An old dress sock or panty hose works great!  Then tie it to a pool noodle or something you can float in the pool.  Once it’s soggy, wring it out a few times to help filter it through your pool.  The directions will tell you it’s ok to put in your skimmer basket – DO NOT PUT CYA IN YOUR SKIMMER BASKET!!  It is hard on your pump!  See this post on how to add CYA to your pool.  

It can take a few days to a week to fully filter through just be sure to test your CYA daily to make sure to monitor your levels closely.

Step #5 –  PH!  If PH is high you will use muriatic acid to lower.  You can start in small doses.  We usually only put about 1/4 of a gallon in at a time then wait an hour, retest, ect until we get to the desired level.  We notice PH always goes way up after heavy rain.  The pool math calculator will also help you with this but a word of caution – you want to use safety glasses and gloves.  If it hits your skin it will burn you.  Please keep this away from children and animals.  A little bit goes a long way!

Use borax to increase PH.  We have never had to do this but we have a couple of boxes handy incase it is needed.

Again a lot of trial and error to see what works best.  That is why testing is so important – you don’t want to be flying blind!

We hope this helps you become a boss at adding chemicals to your pool!

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Jason and Nichole




April 26, 2017

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